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On this page, you can fight against climate change. We want to know, which actions you are willing to take if they become available in your home town. Look at the list of actions below, and click one or more that look like things you might do. Then read the more detailed description of the action. If you think you can promise us that you will do it, fill in the form and send your promise to us. We will forward this information (without user identities) to the decision-makers of your home town. This way, you can promote those actions that really make a difference.


Why promises, not opinions?

Why do we ask for promises to act? A typical web poll would ask opinions such as "Do you prefer this over that? Yes/No".

We do not want to do the same, because

  • People who are against something (or for something, depending on the issue) are more likely to vote in web polls. Because of this, the fraction of Yes and No answers does not reflect the true distribution among the general public. There is a danger that these polls are used for that purpose anyway.
  • We are looking for personal commitments to actions, not primarily their opinions.
  • We try to be proactive instead of reactive. So, if you think some policy is not a good one, instead to putting your effort in trying to reactively fight against it, you should proactively promote a better, alternative policy.