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Information collection

Templates of page types

The following template pages should be updated based on the following object structure descriptions. The Template:Assessment structure has been done as example.

Rewriting existing topics in Opasnet

Some pages are outdated or overlapping with other pages. Therefore, there are needs to restructure and rewrite existing pages.

Page type update

All pages should have a page type. Also, some pages have been classified into a poor page type, because the practices have changed over time. Also the structure should be improved towards Scope, Definition, Result if applicable. Therefore, there are tasks to:

  • develop a page that lists all pages without a page type,
  • go through all pages without a page type and classify them,
  • reclassifying pages into better types when they are being edited for other reasons.
  • The current pages will be cleaned up. Two major things: check the page type (variable, assessment...), and add any relevant categories.
  • The Variable namespace should be checked, as a lot of it seems to have moved to the Main namespace. The original tasks were divided as follows:
    • Variable namespace A-D Päivi
    • E-F Mikko
    • G-O Erkki DONE
    • P-W Pasi
    • Main namespace A-B Virpi
    • C Pauliina

Improving categorisation

The existing categories are not well developed and systematic. Therefore, there are tasks to:

  • improve the categorisation system, preferably based on some existing classification,
  • go through the pages and update categories.
  • Category:Assessment method articles categorized to Category:Method instead.

Writing about important topics

There are several important topics that should be covered in Opasnet. However, these are not simple copy-paste work and they require that someone gets acquainted with the topics and summarises them. Such topics are listed here:

  • Artikkeli bisneksestä, jossa valtio maksaa siitä, että joku auttaa toista säästämään energiaa. Ennen säästötoimia kirjataan energiankulutus, ja säästöä seurataan. Konsultti saa palkkionsa toteutuneen säästön mukaan. Jos tulee lisäkulua, konsultti joutuu maksumieheksi. Onko tästä jo artikkeli jossain? Tyjakissa?

Checking potentially important web links

Some web links seem interesting and important for Opasnet, but more time is needed to look at those. Only then it is possible to decide, whether the information should be linked to from some Opasnet pages, or whether the information deserves a page of its own. These web links include:

Upload the results of the models into the Opasnet Base

Copying dissertation theses of THL/YMTO to Opasnet

  • All theses produced in THL/YMTO should be chopped into pieces and encyclopedia articles should be made out of them in Opasnet.