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Unlike Wikipedia, Heande is willing to accept original data. The data should fulfil the following criteria.

  • The data is from a relevant topic in the fields of health or environment.
  • You represent the owner and are authorised to release the data in this forum.
  • The data is accompanied with proper metadata, i.e. a good description of what the data contains and how it was collected.

The data is released in the following way.

  • The data is uploaded to the Image namespace with a title like "Image:Data:Filename.CSV"
  • The metadata is located on the description page of this file.
  • If the data is manipulated, the computer code or other explicit description of how and why the data changed must be located at the description page at the same time when a new version is uploaded.
  • The preferred file type for simple data is CSV but also other formats are possible.