Health effects in Bioher

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Health effects of Bioher population to exposure of PM2.5 of houses by own heating and small municipality plant.


Health effects in Bioher includes total mortality as premature mortality of Bioher mortality and also several other health effects as cardiopulmonary diseases, respiratory symptoms (?) and cancer. For now healt effects has been calculated only as premature mortality.

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  • For Bioher population, background mortality has been calculated from total Finnish mortality (45280 deaths per year)[1]. For Bioher population it is app. 86 deaths in year.
  • Exposure-response function (ERF) is the distribution (or the best value) of different ER knowledge (change in non-accidental mortality due to 1 µg/m3 change in fine particle exposure(%). For premature mortality ERF is 0.6.

ERF for all cause, cardiopulmonary and lung cancer as cause of deaths are available in ERF of PM2.5 on mortality in general population but the results are not calculated.




  • Costs of health effects


Premature deaths in 10 years


Exposure*(ERF/100)*Background mortality


PM2.5 emissions of own heating of houses and small municipality plant heating production (=district heating) causes approximately 1.4 premature deaths in ten years in Bioher case.

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