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List of pages that belong to the Concentration database of ExpoPlatform.

The 6-day average personal, indoor, and outdoor VOC exposures with children age of 3 to 12 years in 1997 Ambient, indoor and personal exposure relationships of volatile organic compounds in Mexico City Metropolitan Area NHEXAS National Human Exposure Assessment Survey (NHEXAS): distributions and associations of lead, arsenic, and volatile organic compounds in EPA Region 5 Personal exposure to aromatic hydrocarbons with 55 non-smoking persons in Germany in 1995-1997 EXPOLIS VOC concentrations measured in personal samples and residential indoor, outdoor and workplace microenvironments in EXPOLIS-Helsinki, Finland in 1996-1997. MACBETH MACBETH project: Benzene exposure and the effect of traffic pollution in Copenhagen, Denmark with 50 non-smoking persons TEAM TEAM study: Variability of environmental exposures to volatile organic compounds in years 1981-1987 GerES The German Environmental Survey 1990/92 (GerES II): Personal exposures to volatile organic compounds of 113 adults by the age of 25 to 69. Personal exposures were measured for one week with diffusive badge-type sampler. Indoor air and personal exposure to benzene in Athens, Greece in 1997-1998 with 50 non-smoking persons TEAM Personal air concentrations (ug/m3) of benzene measured in TEAM, Valdez and Woodland studies NHEXAS Tap water concentrations for selected elements in the EPA Region V National Human Exposure Assessment Survey (NHEXAS) NHEXAS Evaluations of primary metals from NHEXAS Arizona: distributions and preminary exposures for 179 homes SHIELD; NHANES SHIELD study: Children`s exposure to volatile organic compounds as determined by longitudinal measurements in blood in 2000-2001 Blood cadmium concentrations in 334 persons in the general population of Umbria, Central Italy GerES The German Environmental Survey 1990/92 (GerES II): reference concentrations of selected environmental pollutants in blood, urine, hair, house dust, drinking water and indoor air Internal exposure to acrylamide in 72 smoking and non-smoking adults from Germany Aromatic hydrocarbons in indoor and outdoor air and in non-smoking persons blood in Northern Germany in 1995-1997 NHANES Distribution of personal VOC exposures: A population-based analysis in USA in NHANES study in 1999-2000 Personal exposures to volatile organic compounds among 68 outdoor and indoor workers in two mexican cities in 2002 Exposure to fine particulate matter and VOCs between trasport microenvironments in Dublin: Personal exposure and uptake in 2005-2006 Determination of volatile organic compounds in 49 smoking and non-smoking homes in 1991 in Columbus, USA Personal exposures among 50 persons and microenvironment concentrations of PM2.5, VOC, NO2 and CO in Oxford, UK in 1998-2000

Personal exposure of children and adults to airborne benzene in four French cities in 2001-2003

Internal exposure to pollutants measured in blood and urine of 1679 Flemish adolescents in 2003. Environmental exposure to volatile organic compounds among 45 workers in Mexico City in 1996

Benzene exposure in 67 non-smoking persons residing in a district of Florence, Italy in 2002-2003 MACBETH MACBETH programme: Benzene exposure assessment at indoor, outdoor and personal levels of 50 non-smoking persons in France in 1997-1998. Ambient Air Levels and the Personal Exposure of 98 Children (4 to 12 year old) to Benzene, Toluene, and Xylenes in Denmark in 1995

Personal exposure to elements in Mexico City air Personal daily exposures to benzo(a)pyrene of taxi drivers in Genoa, Italy in 1999

Personal carbon monoxide exposures of 194 preschool children in Helsinki, Finland 1990-1991