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Body weight in Finland describes body weight for the general population and subgroups in Finland.



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Estimate is a point estimate from [1].

Data 2

Probability distribution of body weight of adults aged 18-55yr and over 55yr were extracted from [2]. For a given age group body weight data was summarized in terms of mean and the 95% confidence interval:

  • 18-55yr: 77.6 (77.0-78.1),
  • 55yr+: 76.5 (75.9-77.2).

Based on that a normal distribution was created. Since standard deviations (SDs) calculated from 2.5th and 97.5th percentiles were not exactly equal the larger SD was used as a standard deviation of a normal distribution.

Note: There was not measurements for ages 18-29yr, only for 30-55yr.

Data 3

The most comprehensive information on body weights of Finnish children are gender specific growth curves. They were previously used to extract the mean and 95% confidence interval (CI) of body weight at each age (month or year) from 0 to 18 years. See results of variables: Body weight of 0-24 months old Finnish children and Body weight of 2-18 year old Finnish children. Based on this information probability distributions of body weights of children aged 0-2 years and 2-18 years were constructed. Body weights of males and females are studied separately. It was assumed that the body weight for each 1-month or 1-year age specific interval follows a normal distribution with mean being the mean reported in growth tables and standard deviation (SD) being the larger value of SDs calculated from the bounds of the 95% CI. 2500 values of body weights for each 1-month and 1-year age interval were simulated from respective normal distributions and then grouped to match groups 0-2 years (months from 0 to 24) and 2-18 years (years from 2 to 18). Since none of parametric distributions fits the resulting data sets the empirical distribution of body weights was constructed.





<anacode> Table(Preg_gen)(55,70) </anacode>


Data 1

General population Pregnant mothers
70 55

Data 2

Adults 18-55yr Adults  55yr+
mean of normal distribution 77.6 76.5
SD of normal distribution 0.31 0.36

Data 3

Results of one simulation. For each age/gender group mean value, standard deviation (sd) and five percentiles (5th, 25th, 50th , 75th and 95th) are provided.

0-2 years males 0-2 years females 2-18 years males 2-18 years females
mean 9.4105 9.1249 31.4799 31.186
sd 2.7969 2.8061 16.0825 15.3681
p5 3.961 3.8875 12.5255 12.1115
p25 7.6278 7.2345 18.2514 18.1586
p50 9.9635 9.5678 27.642 27.286
p75 11.4834 11.2236 41.0361 43.5152
p95 13.2375 13.1518 63.522 59.1031


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