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YMAL is the Assessment and Modelling Unit in the Department of Environmental Health in the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

This page contains descriptions of the unit in general. The current unit head is Jouni Tuomisto, who was the vice head before Matti Jantunen retired.

  • The current personnel of the Unit of Assessment and Modelling is 2 senior researchers, 5 post-docs, 4 PhD students, 1.5 IT managers, and 1 secretary.
  • There is also a pool of summer students, who may be active also during outside summer period.
  • The current personnel of the Department of Environmental Health is ca. 130 people; the other units cover toxicology, environmental epidemiology, environmental microbiology, environmental chemistry, and water.
  • The unit funding from the THL budget is in the order of XX €/a, excluding salaries.
  • Ca. XX % of the current unit budget comes from external sources (mainly research projects).
Strategic directions of YMAL 2010-2015
Objective Means to achieve the objective Description
Develop open assessment further
Add user-friendly functionalities to Opasnet to promote use.
Perform open assessments. Topics:
Create practical policy examples
Apply Opasnet tools in any useful context.
Teach open assessment Eracedu, Decision analysis and risk management

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