Urban heat island effect in Europe

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What is the additional temperature due to the urban heat island effect in Europe now and in the future? In other words, what is the increment above the rural background temperature in urban areas? What are possible measures to tackle the issue, and how effective are they in reducing the temperature?



It might be useful to think of an example city: What is the magnitude of the temperature gradient in Toulouse (as an example of a typical European city suffering from the urban heat island effect) compared with the rural area nearby?

To estimate the actual temperatures in urban areas, you should add Ambient air temperature in Europe result to the result of this variable.


  • Ambient air temperature in Europe
  • European climate scenarios
  • Energy use in cities
  • Albedo in cities
  • Wind speed in cities
  • Vegetation in cities
  • Water evaporation by vegetation in cities
  • Measures to reduce heat load in cities
    • Increased free water
    • Increased vegetation
    • Increased albedo
    • Reduced energy use
    • Heat load





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