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Todo (TodoTasks-extension) allows creation of tasklists.


To assign a task for a specific user(s):

{{todo|What to do|Username1, username2, etc}}

To assign a project related task for a specific user(s):

{{todo|What to do|Username, username2|project=project name}}

For project list see (only sysops can add new projects): MediaWiki:TodoTasksValidProjects

To see your own task click My Tasks -link on the top right

To view the tasks of other users, simply go to Special:TaskList/username

TODO: {{#todo:It would be useful if Todo extension added the task into the reminder email that it sends. Then you would know what the task is without going to Opasnet. In addition, you could still see what the task was even if someone removes the todo from the page. Is this difficult?|Juha Villman, Einari Happonen|Opasnet}}

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