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Organizing the questionnaire

  • Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark
  • Sample of 500 responses, representative for each country
  • We provide language versions of the questionnaire, some company will perform the survey.
  • Tested in the stakeholder workshop, participants answer on-line or on paper. Päivi: If time turns out too scarce for a testing session, the questionnaire could be handed out to the participants at the beginning of the workshop with a request to fill it in during the two days and to point out flaws (and potentially to discuss them with Arja). Also, it is useful to ask all project participants to test the questionnaire.

Content of the questionnaire

Questionnaire has been moved to a Google docs, where it's edited further (

Other related information

Pro-Kala has done in Finland (2010) a questionnaire

  • 724 participants
  • Questions on use frequencies, type of consumed fish foods, attitudes on herring, how fish eating is predicted to change in the future
    • 70% of participants consume herring at least time to time
    • 24% predicts that use of herring might increase in the near future
  • Includes also question “I’ve stopped eating herring because of dioxins”
    • Seems not to influence on use of herring
  • Based on the questionnaire, population was divided into four groups of consumers: 23% spoiled youngsters (uusavuttomia), 14% critical hi-fi enthusiast, 37% passionate herring lovers and 26% concerned tradition treasurers