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Who do we want to invite to the stakeholder workshop and why?

Notes of the kickoff meeting 22 April 2015.

See also GOHERR_assessment#Stakeholders

Potential stakeholders_Participant list CCB Salmon Seminar in Älvkarleby

Purpose of the stakeholder meeting

  • Discuss management objectives (values) (for WP3)
  • Discuss how to reach those objectives (actions) (for WP3)
  • Stakeholders' knowledge needs on scientific information on dioxins (for WP2)
  • Stakeholders' views on the current scientific information and how they use it (for WP2)
  • WPs' (or assessors') needs for scientific information to perform the assessment
  • Understand stakeholders' views and commitment to the different governance types (for WP2) ----#: . Is this for the stakeholder meeting or for the interviews? --Jouni (talk) 08:34, 22 April 2015 (UTC) (type: truth; paradigms: science: comment)
  • Two sessions needed (for WP3)
    • Session to discuss and verify the objectives based on the survey
    • Session to find normative scenarios
  • Get a reasonable estimate about herring and salmon consumption in different countries (for WP5)
  • Present result in the workshop (by WP4)
  • Find out whether size-specific fishing is at all realistic in the eyes of the stakeholders (for WP4, maybe in the second workshop)
  • Present and discuss the draft model. Improve the structure based on the comments (for WP6)

First stakeholder meeting:

  • In Copenhagen. The second meeting will be in Helsinki.
  • Try to get many participants from Denmark and Sweden and pay flights for participants from Finland and Estonia. Maybe someone from Brussels.
  • Can it be combined with the RAC meeting?