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Improvement needs

Do these improvements preferably before Darm course assessment results are published (i.e., late May) --Jouni (talk) 09:16, 9 April 2015 (UTC).

Plan for updating the [[Building model]] and {{Health impact assessment]] model.

From [[Climate change policies and health in Kuopio]]:

objects.latest("Op_en5488", code_name = "initiate") # [[Energy use of buildings]] 
# energyUse: Building, Heating
# efficiencyShares: Efficiency, Constructed
# renovationRatio: Efficiency, Building2, Renovation

--> Into the default of heatingEnergy

objects.latest("Op_en2791", code_name = "initiate") # [[Emission factors for burning processes]] 
# emissionFactors: Burner, Fuel, Pollutant
# fuelShares: Heating, Burner, Fuel

--> Into the default of emissions

iF <- Ovariable("iF", ddata = "Op_en3435", subset = "Intake fractions of PM") 
# [[Exposure to PM2.5 in Finland]] Humbert et al 2011 data
emissionLocations <- Ovariable("emissionLocations", ddata = "Op_en3435", subset = "Emission locations") 

--> move iF to page [[Intake fractions of PM]]

objects.latest('Op_en2261', code_name = 'initiate') # [[Health impact assessment]] dose, RR, totcases. 
objects.latest('Op_en5917', code_name = 'initiate') # [[Disease risk]] disincidence
objects.latest('Op_en5827', code_name = 'initiate') # [[ERFs of environmental pollutants]] ERF, threshold
#objects.latest('Op_en5453', code_name = 'initiate') # [[Burden of disease in Finland]] BoD
directs <- tidy("Op_en5461", subset = "Direct inputs"), direction = "wide") # [[Climate change policies and health in Kuopio]]

colnames(directs) <- gsub(" ", "_", colnames(directs))

### Use these population and iF values in health impact assessment. Why?

frexposed <- 1 # fraction of population that is exposed
bgexposure <- 0 # Background exposure to an agent (a level below which you cannot get in practice)
BW <- 70 # Body weight (is needed for RR calculations although it is irrelevant for PM2.5)

--> put ERFs to one page that is default for HIA
--> frexposed, bgexposure, BW make default ovariables to HIA page (these are overwritten when necessary)
--> Disease risk, Burden of disease are given by the user.

--> Daly calculations should be put to the page Disability weights.

--> Correct links on page [[Building model]]