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M-files(r) is a document management system developed by Motive Systems. We have integrated a custom made M-files interface into Opasnet. Purpose is to make usage of larger files easier.


Uploading files to M-files

  • M-files Web Access (or use M-Files 7.0 client installed on your computer)
  • NOTE!You need ERAC username and password in order to upload files into M-Files
  1. Drag files
    1. into "opasnet_public" -repository (if using M-Files Client)
    2. into big M-Files logo (if using Web Access)
  2. Choose class "Opasnet EN" from dropdown-menu
  3. Choose the Wikipage where you want your files to appear from "Wikipage" -dropdown-menu

Using files in Opasnet

Note! In order to display files in Opasnet files have to be uploaded into M-files to "opasnet_public" -repository and linked into appropriate wikipages

  1. Add template {{mfiles}} into wikipages where files are related
  2. Then you should see following kind of table with files