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What policies should be applied in Opasnet to

  • make the content work run smoothly,
  • keep Opasnet in a good quality at all times,
  • guide but not disturb those who contribute to Opasnet.


Use your real name

Please use your real name in your user account. Feel free to browse through pages anonymously without account but if you want to make contributions to Opasnet you need to have a user account.

Suggested format for user name:

  • (first name) (last name)
  • (last name), (first name)
  • (first name) (second name) (last name)
  • and so on

How to use different wikis

This chapter was moved to Opasnet structure.

Deleting pages

Only Sysops can delete pages. You can propose a page to be removed by adding template {{remove|(reason why this should be removed)}} top of that page.

Keep tidy ask.gifThis page has been suggested to be removed.

Reason: This is only an example

(please note that only sysops can remove pages)

Naming new pages

There are few basic guidelines which are good to keep in mind while naming articles:

  • Use descriptive names
  • Names can consist of several words
  • Numbers and spaces are allowed
  • Do not use special characters like # < > [ ] | { }
  • Names are case-sensitive
    • mediaWiki is same as MediaWiki but not same as mediawiki
    • Capitalization matters after the first letter but not in the first letter

Locking Analytica files for editing

It is possible to checkout Analytica models for editing.

  1. First go to Analytica file description page and choose edit from upper toolbar
  2. Place a template template:checkout into description
    • Code: {{checkout|--~~~~}}
    • This also adds automatically your signature
  3. Download file and make your editing
  4. Upload modified version of file into system (overwrites old version, old version also remains in the database)
  5. Remove template so next one can start editing the model

Template looks like this:

Checkout.pngThis file has been checked out. Please do not upload new version of this file while it is under development

By: --Juha Villman 10:00, 14 June 2007 (EEST)


Based on experience and lessons from e.g. Wikipedia.

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