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Encyclopedia on environmental health is a part of the integrated resource platform that contains environmental health information and data. Thus, the main difference to the guidebook is that the guidebook contains information about making risk assessments, while the encyclopedia contains information about the risks and other environmental health issues. The content is freely structured, i.e. it is not formally structured according to the method as variables or risk assessments, and it is openly available to all kinds of users. The encyclopedia may contain general texts, fact sheets, data (e.g. emission data), and models. If data described in the Data gateway (see below) becomes openly available, it can be copied to the Encyclopedia. Whereas the contents of the risk assessment guidebook are related to risk assessment methods and are mainly of interest to the risk assessment professionals, the contents of the encyclopedia may be of interest to a wider group of users, such as e.g. decision-makers, NGOs, industry or public at large. D↷