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Household Products Database
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This database links over 7,000 consumer brands to health effects from Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) provided by manufacturers and allows scientists and consumers to research products based on chemical ingredients. The database is designed to help answer the following typical questions:

  • What are the chemical ingredients and their percentage in specific brands?
  • Which products contain specific chemical ingredients?
  • Who manufactures a specific brand? How do I contact this manufacturer?
  • What are the acute and chronic effects of chemical ingredients in a specific brand?
  • What other information is available about chemicals in the toxicology-related databases of the National Library of Medicine?
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Exposure and Risk Screening Methods for Consumer Product Ingredients
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"The main purpose of this document is to present methodologies and specific consumer exposure information that can be used for screening-level risk assessments of environmental and repeated human exposures to HPV chemicals through the manufacturing and use of consumer products, mainly laundry, cleaning, and personal care products. However, the approach can be applied to other consumer products when information on how consumers use the products is available. These methodologies allow hazard information to be put into context by using exposure information to characterize risk. Screening-level risk assessments are useful for prioritizing the need for further work."

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Human & Environmental Risk Assessment on Ingredients of Household Cleaning Products (HERA)
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HERA (Human & Environmental Risk Assessment) is a joint A.I.S.E.1 and CEFIC2 project initiated in September 1999. It concerns the assessment of the risks to human health and the environment from ingredients of household cleaning products during the two scenarios ‘Use in the Household’ and ‘Disposal to the Environment’. Includes guidance for exposure assessment also.

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