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How to measure the performance or goodness of communication about an open assessment?


GC = \frac{Av*Re*Ac*Us}{Ef}


  • P(A) = probability of A, N(A) = number of people in A
  • Calibration, Informativeness, and Coherence: These are not relevant for the assessment of communication methods and are therefore not used.
  • Availability (Av): number of people (users) hearing the content N(content received)
  • Relevance (Re): P(content is relevant for the user|content received)
  • Acceptability (Ac): P(content and production are acceptable in user's context|content is relevant)
  • Usability (Us): utility of content (in onors) to a user finding it acceptable: U(content|content acceptable)
  • Efficiency (Ef): Sum of costs (in working hours): Sum(talking, reading, using content)
  • Goodness of communication (GC): overall outcome divided by resources used. Note resources only include communication costs, not those to produce the information.


Open assessment framework. The roles of different participants lead to different kinds of communication and information work.

Drafts of estimates for calculations. The idea is to test whether a quantitative approach makes sense, i.e. whether it is possible to give plausible answers as parameters in the calculation.

Goodness of communication(P,o,h)
1Mouth-to-mouth communicationBetween scientistsCalibration0
2Mouth-to-mouth communicationBetween scientistsInformativeness0
3Mouth-to-mouth communicationBetween scientistsCoherence0
4Mouth-to-mouth communicationBetween scientistsRelevance 0.1
5Mouth-to-mouth communicationBetween scientistsAvailability5
6Mouth-to-mouth communicationBetween scientistsUsability1
7Mouth-to-mouth communicationBetween scientistsAcceptability0.5
8Mouth-to-mouth communicationBetween scientistsEfficiency0.5
9OpasnetBetween scientistsCalibration0
10OpasnetBetween scientistsInformativeness0
11OpasnetBetween scientistsCoherence0
12OpasnetBetween scientistsRelevance 0.1
13OpasnetBetween scientistsAvailability100
14OpasnetBetween scientistsUsability1
15OpasnetBetween scientistsAcceptability0.005
16OpasnetBetween scientistsEfficiency0.5
17OpasnetWithin societyCalibration0
18OpasnetWithin societyInformativeness0
19OpasnetWithin societyCoherence0
20OpasnetWithin societyRelevance 0.01
21OpasnetWithin societyAvailability50000
22OpasnetWithin societyUsability1
23OpasnetWithin societyAcceptability0.05
24OpasnetWithin societyEfficiency0.5

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