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FINESSI is a web tool that allows the user to explore the possible impacts of climate change in Finland on chosen impact areas and at different time periods up to the end of the 21st century. The tool is intended for planners and researchers, but it may also be of interest to students and to members of the public.[1]

FINESSI offers a common platform for integrating observations of the present-day climate and environment with modelled information about future climatic conditions (scenarios) and their impacts. The impacts of climate change are presented for climate-sensitive systems and activities such as agriculture, water resources and natural ecosystems. With this (prototype) version of the FINESSI web tool, it is possible to view and compare the results of hydrological, lake physics and palsa mire models for investigating impacts and possible adaptation measures under alternative scenarios of Finland's future environment.

FINESSI has been developed at the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). The responsible unit is the Research Programme for Global Change (GTO), and the work was carried out in cooperation with researchers from the Research Programmes for Integrated River Basin Management (VTO) and Biodiversity (LTO), and the Hydrological Services Division (HYD).

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