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Time is a dimension describing time points, either in real time, or relative to an event.



    • Real time (calendar time). It is described as a year, date, and time, based on en:Gregorian calendar.
    • Reference time: time since (or before) a particular event in real time. The reference point must be defined in the context where reference time is used. Note that if the reference points of two reference times are unknown, the two reference times are sub-dimensions of the main dimension Reference time. They form a two-dimensional space within the main dimension. When the reference points become known, the other sub-dimension is known with zero degrees of freedom given the other sub-dimension; thus, the two sub-dimensions simply merge into one dimension.
    • Age: Age is a particular reference time sub-dimension, where the reference event is the birth of the individual under examination.



s (for practical reasons, also h (hour), d (day), mo (month), and a (year))




The dimension is continuous, with three sub-dimensions:

  • Real time
  • Reference time
  • Age

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